Improving health and making technological contributions to change human life
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    Established in 2009
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    17 inventions
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    More than 300 employees
  • Anhui Lianchuang Biomedical Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") was established in 2009, and its headquarters is located at the west side of Fanhua Avenue in Hefei Economic and Technological Development Zone. It is a high-tech enterprise with a mission of serving health and pursuing technological contributions, and it is an innovative technology company that provides products and technical services to consumers and global pharmaceutical manufacturers.

    The company's main business includes pharmaceutical raw materials and characteristic intermediates, as well as CRO/CMO/CDMO services for pharmaceutical products.

    After years of development, the company has assembled a group of specialized research experts and business leaders, excelling in fields such as organic and biological synthesis of pharmaceutical products. Currently, the company holds 17 independently innovated patents and has provided products and technical support to hundreds of global enterprises. This has led to the formation of a product series centered around pharmaceutical raw materials, complemented by characteristic intermediates.

    The company consistently advocates for innovation and a sharing-driven approach——implementing an actively flexible business model and differentiated product selection in the pursuit of innovative development. In its operational strategy, the company adheres to the principle of maximizing corporate value, aiming to become a platform for mutual consultation, sharing, collaboration, and mutual success for both customers and employees.

    Anhui Lianchuang Biological Medicine Co.,Ltd
    development history

    The production base of Anhui Senji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has been completed and put into operation

    Selected as a backup enterprise for listing in Anhui Province

    Mr. Ge Depei, Chairman, was selected as one of the "seventh batch of top professional and technical talents in Feixi County"


    Awarded the "9th Anhui Provincial Patent Award (Excellent Award)"

    Won the "2022 Hefei Labor Harmony Unit"

    Mr. Ge Depei, Chairman of the Board of Directors, was awarded "Hefei High level Talents"

    General Manager Dr. Wu Qihua was awarded "Hefei High level Talents"


    Awarded as a "specialized, refined, and innovative" small and medium-sized enterprise in Anhui Province

    Re evaluation of "high-tech enterprises"

    Successfully completed round A financing


    Establishment of subsidiary Anhui Senji Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd

    "Technical R&D team of drugs for the treatment of type II diabetes" was selected as Luzhou Industrial Innovation Team in 2019

    Dr. Wu Qihua, General Manager, was awarded the title of "Leader of Luzhou Industrial Innovation Team"


    Hefei "Specialized, Special and New" SMEs in 2018

    2019 Anhui Province New Product (Fourth Batch) Three Recognition

    Dr. Wu Qihua, General Manager, was awarded the title of "Innovation Talent of Luzhou"


    Acquisition of production base Huainan Lianke Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd

    Re evaluation of "high-tech enterprises"

    Dr. Wu Qihua, General Manager, was awarded the title of "Innovative Talent of Feixi"


    "2017 Hefei Intellectual Property Management Standardized Enterprise"

    Dr. Wu Qihua, General Manager, was awarded the "Eighth Batch of Top Professional and Technical Talents in Hefei"


    The subsidiary Maitian Biology settled in Hefei High tech Zone, focusing on Biocatalysis technology research

    Recognized as "Hefei diabetes API Engineering Technology Research Center"

    Won the "2016 Hefei Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprise"

    Mr. Ge Depei, Chairman, was awarded the "Anhui Special Support Plan" Innovation and Entrepreneurship Leading Talent (Second Batch)


    Ten new diabetes drugs, including kagliflozin and Dapagliflozin, have been approved for clinical approval

    Awarded as a "High tech Enterprise"

    "Diabetes new target drug SGLT2 inhibitor technology research and development team" was selected as the "535" innovation and entrepreneurship team in Feixi County in 2015

    Dr. Wu Qihua, General Manager, was awarded the title of "Anhui Province's Leading Technology Talent" and "Feixi County's Leading Talent in 2015"


    Completed the shareholding system transformation and renamed Anhui Lianchuang Biopharmaceutical Co., Ltd

    Listing of Anhui Provincial Equity Custody Trading Center


    Preparation method and crystal preparation patent authorization of SGLT2 inhibitor


    Trademark approved for registration


    Purchase and put into use a new drug research and development office building


    Anhui Lianchuang Medicinal chemistry Co., Ltd. was established

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