Yida Capital has completed a round A investment of nearly 100 million yuan in Lianchuang Biotechnology
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Around November 2021, Yida Capital completed a round A investment of nearly 100 million yuan in Anhui Lianchuang Biomedical Co., Ltd. (referred to as Lianchuang Biotechnology). The financing funds will be used for the development of new varieties, the construction of new production bases, and the construction of contract research and development production platforms.

Founded in 2009, Lianchuang Biotechnology is an innovative technology enterprise that provides products and technical services to global medical and chemical manufacturers, focusing on the research, production and sales of advanced pharmaceutical intermediates as well as CDMO service business. It is one of the earliest companies in China to engage in the SGLT-2 inhibitor intermediates and JAK inhibitor intermediates business.
Lianchuang Biology is committed to the research and development of intermediates, providing high-end products and high-quality services to customers around the world. With years of technical reserves and talent advantages, the company has made fruitful research achievements in Diabetes medication and anti-tumor drugs, cardiovascular system drugs, anti infective drugs, nervous system drugs and other fields, and has strong innovation ability.
After years of development, Lianchuang Biotechnology has become a sub leader in the SGLT-2 targeted oral hypoglycemic drug intermediates and JAK targeted autoimmune disease drug intermediates, providing products and services to nearly a hundred companies worldwide. In recent years, Lianchuang Biotechnology has relied on its technological advantages accumulated on research and development and industrialization platforms to make efforts in the CDMO business, and is able to provide full industry chain services for domestic and foreign pharmaceutical enterprises from preliminary development to commercialization, from process to large-scale production of advanced intermediates for raw materials.
Investors say
Zhang Lu, director of investment of Yida Capital, introduced that Lianchuang Biology has unique production processes in the subdivisions of diabetes and autoimmune diseases, and its products have obvious competitive advantages, so its future development is promising. Lianchuang Biotechnology is also another strategic layout of Yida Capital in the field of small molecule compound intermediates and raw material drug CDMO. Previously, Yida Capital also invested in a group of outstanding enterprises represented by Haoyuan Pharmaceutical, Shanghai Duchuang, Zhaowei Technology, Shandong Platinum Source, etc. in the relevant industry chain.
Xu Rongming, a partner of Yida Capital, stated that Yida Capital adheres to the dual wheel drive development of "industry+region", As an important part of Yida's "Jianghai Plan", the Anhui region has been laid out since ten years ago. So far, Yida Capital's managed funds have invested in nearly 60 projects in the Anhui region, playing a significant role in promoting investment attraction and economic development in the Anhui region. In the future, Yida Capital is willing to work together to innovate and empower the biopharmaceutical industry in China and the world

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